Thursday, May 26, 2011

Apple #20 - Rancho Royale

#20 Rancho Royale - 05/26/2011

Holly Crap guys....a new apple.

It magically appeared on my kitchen table. I'm 80% sure that Mick brought it home for me but I really don't know what the cats do all day. Logically I would think they didn't have the limbs available to unlock doors and carry anything but they have been known to steal packets of gummy bears and one made an attempt at my empanada.

Anyway this apple really had a lot riding on it's shoulders. I had to bear the burden of being the first apple reviewed in many many months as well as having to get rid of the the disgusting flavour in my mouth bequeathed to me by my medicine.

Pictured above: the burden of medicine mouth.

Pros: I have to say the apple really came through for me. It was crisp and delicious and juicy. I mean seriously juicy I had  juice all over my hands and arms and chin. At one point I had to lick juice off of my wrist. Is that dirty? maybe. And yes, yes I had to, you wouldn't waste any of this apple either.  Also moments after typing the word juicy I have this stuck in my head. .

You're welcome

Cons: Visually I have no way to distinguish this apple from any other. It has that same faded red barn look as many others..

Outcome: Good Googly Moogly if I find Rancho Royale again I'm going to eat it.

And here: unrelated is this picture I found on the internets. Happy Nightmares!

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