Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Amy & Sandy B Update: March 2010


So as we all know Sandy B's husband may be cheating on her.

And we all heard this news without any emotional reaction whatsoever. But how is Amy handling this, how is she handling the news? If you've read the previous blogs about her obsession then you know that "poorly" is one of many words. Destitute, depressed, distraught is weepily a word? Below we see her putting on her game face. But if you look closely you can see how upset she is.


Over the years of my reporting I've noticed some don't believe me. Don't believe the things I've seen and heard. Well below you'll see proof. Proof transcribed on the interwebs by another.


Lets look at that again.
"Do you think Sandra Bullock's husband is really cheating on her? I wish I knew for certain. I hate this limbo. She probably hates it more..." -Amy

There you go internet. Amy cares about this story only in line behind Sandy B. I hope for both of their sakes it isn't true.

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