Monday, December 5, 2011

What Time Is It Really?

I spoke a while back with two folks who read this sparse blog. (I just realized if I counted my followers on my hands I'd be thumbless)

These folks thought this picture below was somebody who it wasn't but I decided that hey, now it is, why not.
7:00 ammmmm Oh Yeaaaah!

I've just started a new horrible work schedule that gives me the unique opportunity to test my hypothesis of hypocrisy and see when Miss Kool-Aid up there comes into work.  I'll give you a hint, today is day one and my hypothesis is being strengthened. Miss Kool-Aid was not here at her purported time of 7am, rather she arrived after me. Today may be a fluke, but hopefully it's not, because then it will make me feel good about something, mainly this work schedule.

So I've decided to make the best of a awful situation and make some graphs. I'm not smart enough to know what kind of graphs yet but it'll happen.


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