Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Apple #21 - Sonya

#21 Sonya - 05/08/2012

Wow it has been a whole year since I've encountered a new apple. Well I actually encountered 2.5 new apples today at the Safeway near my house. One of them they were out of, that's my .5. I actually got into a conversation about apples with the produce lady, she told me that red delicious have turned over a new leaf. I hope that is true because fuck those apples. Anyway today we are going to discuss the Sonya . Say it with me Sonyaaaa. A sexy name for a...well...an apple with a nice personality.

Pros: Sonya was crisp and juicy, just how we like them. She tasted like a gala or fuji which, to be honest, taste the same to me. Sonya was delicious and sweet is what I'm saying. Just an all around apples apple. Sonya is the kind of apple you would take home to meet mom.

Cons/Pros: The only con I can think of is the size, which is huge. Seriously huge. Make me feel like like a hobbit huge. I needed two hands to hold it huge. 2.5 handfuls huge. To some this may be a pro. Say if you are really hungry for delicious sweet apple fruit. Or maybe you are always accused of being a non-sharer. You could say, "Let's share my apple." And then even though its been cut in half you still have more than a normal apple amount left to eat. Everybody wins and you no longer look like an asshole. But if, like me, you just wanted some apple to accompany your sandwich, Sonya is way too much.

There is a competitive eating contestant named Sonya, this seems appropriate for the apple size and general feeling of fullness I am experiencing.

       Somehow related to my apple.


All in all, the size aside, this apple was fantastic. Go out and try a Sonya.

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